Sida Programme Director of U-LEAD with Europe

Sida is a government agency working on behalf of the Swedish parliament and government, with the mission to reduce poverty in the world.

Sida is responsible for the implementation of the second component of the U-LEAD Programme with a focus on establishing effective centres of administrative services through delegated cooperation.

In order to do so, Sida has subcontracted the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR/SKL International), NIRAS Sweden AB, Estonian E-Governance Academy to establish up to 600 well-functioning Administrative Service Centres, and to develop needed IT solutions.
Alexander Mazurkin
Project Manager
Angelina Lillegran
Financial Controller
Halyna Lindh
Deputy Project Manager
Management team. Stockholm
Responsible for strategic management, procurement and financial matters
Olga Glazunova
Team Leader in Ukraine
Vladyslav Tynok
Project Coordinator
Sabina Golyk
Support Unit Specialist
Coordination and Support Unit. Kyiv
Project coordination in Ukraine, HR, logistics, administrative tasks
Petro Makarenko
Olga Kalinichenko
Viktor Tymoschuk
Leading Expert
Roman Matviychuk
Oleksandra Baklanova
Expert Support
and Internship Programs Coordinator
Help Desk for ASC. Kyiv
Providing expert support and consultations to hromadas on establishment and modernisation of ASCs
Olena Molodtsova
Communications Officer
Victoriia Zalozna
Communications Officer
Communications Unit. Kyiv
Coordination of external communications and visibility of the project
Viktor Tymoschuk
Leading Expert
Vasyl Sehin
Policy Coordinator
Lyudmyla Chernyaha
Institutional Support Coordinator
Analysis, work with legislation and methodological support
Maksym Poliakov
Bohdan Bida
Kostiantyn Stetsenko
Construction Coordinator
Architecture, construction and design unit. Kyiv
Creation of design projects, ASC premises visualisation, creation of visual content

Anastasiia Yermoshenko

NIRAS Sweden AB Project manager

NIRAS Sweden AB works with the participants of the Roll Out Phase
on the implementation of the Terms of References
Svyatoslav Zhluktenko
Coordinator of the Physical Support
Yuliia Smaglyukova
Coordinator of Trainings
Anna Romanovych
Administrative Officer
Ivan Shkurat
Regional Coordinator of the Institutional Support (Central, Northern and Southern regions)
Natalia Rudenko
Call-Off Manager
Yevheniy Honchar
Logistics Manager
Evgeniya Gulakova
Coordinator of Trainings
Alexander Kiselev
Coordinator of institutional Support
Margaryta Kamasa
Regional Coordinators
Vyacheslav Zubenko
Call-Off Manager
Kateryna Kyselova
Administrative and Logistics Officer
Natalia Sydorenko
Coordinator of institutional Support
Tetiana Bielsk
Coordinator of Trainings
Svyatoslav Zhluktenko
Coordinator of the Physical Support
Maria Vaskivska
Finance Manager Assistant
Yuliia Smaglyukova
Coordinator of Trainings
Evgeniya Gulakova
Coordinator of Trainings
Tetiana Lebukhorska
Call-off Manager
Iryna Korolchuk
Institutional Support Coordinator
Oleh Bilous
Coordinator of institutional Support
Inna Zviahintseva
Finance Manager
Ivan Shkurat
Regional Coordinator
Lilit Meliksetyan
Assistant Coordinator of Physical Support
Denys Pryharin
Interoperability Expert
Yurii Kopytin
Senior Interoperability Expert
Dmytro Savranchuk
IT Security Expert
Mari Pedak
Team Leader
Anna Gladun
Project Assistant
Andrii Piskun
Senior IT Architect
(of large scale IT systems)
Mykola Samar
IT Expert on “Vulyk” Development
Oleg Burba
Business Analyst, PhD
Project EGOV4UKRAINE. Kyiv-Tallinn
Development and implementation “Trembita” and “Vulyk” systems