Novi Strilyshcha ATCLviv region

ASC is openOctober 25, 2017

Population 1675 woman 1624 man

Workplaces at the ASC 4

About community

ATC administrative centre – Novi Strilyshcha settlement.

Population in the administrative centre – 856.

Local councils merged into the ATC: Novi Strilyshcha settlement council, Bakivtsi and Kniselo village councils.

Settlements included in the ATC: Novi Strilyshcha settlement, Stari Strilyshcha, Liniya, Kniselo, Bertyshiv, Orishkivtsi, Bakivtsi, Repekhiv, Kvitneve, Trybokivtsi and Zakryvets’ villages.

Number of registered entrepreneurs and enterprises: 18 individual entrepreneurs and 23 legal entities.


Contactsсмт Нові Стрілища, вул. Шевченка, буд. 12
Phone number+380 97 111 1111
Work scheduleПн-пт, 9:00-18:00