Krasnopillia ATCSumy region

ASC is openFebruary 15, 2018

Population 8687 woman 7704 man

Workplaces at the ASC 12

About community

ATC administrative centre – Krasnopillia settlement.

Population in the administrative centre – 8,141.

Local councils merged into the ATC: Krasnopillia and Uhroyidy settlement councils, Osoyivka, Samotoyivka, Khmelivka, and Chernechchyna village councils.

Settlements included in the ATC: Krasnopillia, Uhroyidy and Mykhailivske settlements, Mykhailivka, Novodmytrivka, Taratutyne, Naumivka, Okip, Petrushivka, Osoyivka, Marchenky, Samotoyivka, Voropai, Hlybne, Dumivka, Khvoine, Khmelivka, Vesele, Vydnivka, Lozove, Chernechchyna, Haponivka, Mozkove and Yasenok villages.

Number of registered entrepreneurs and enterprises: 300 individual entrepreneurs and 144 legal entities.

12 staff members will be working in the ASC.



ContactsСумська область, смт Краснопілля, вул. Вокзальна, 14.