Chervone ATCZhytomyr region

ASC is openDecember 22, 2017

Population 3265 woman 2695 man

Workplaces at the ASC 5

About community

ATC administrative centre – Chervone settlement.

Population in the administrative centre – 2,876.

Local councils merged into the ATC: Chervone, Velyki Moshkivtsi, Glynivtsi, Zabara, Krylivka and Mali Moshkivtsi village councils.

Settlements included in the ATC: Chervone settlement, Glynivtsi, Velyki Moshkivtsi, Mali Moshkivtsi, Zabara, Kotivka and Krylivka villages.

Number of registered entrepreneurs and enterprises: 72 individual entrepreneurs and 15 legal entities.