Three services during one visit to ASC: one stop shop format of services delivery in Yerky hromada

There are about five thousand people living in the Yerky amalgamated hromada. Therefore, almost all residents know each other and are familiar with the latest news of the community life. Thus, when Lebedev’s family found out that the modernised ASC will start working in their hromada soon, they decided to wait for the opening and do not go to the nearest city on administrative matters. Although the reason for this drive was very important - the birth of their daughter Victoria, the tenth child in the family of Pavlo and Kateryna

So, a visit of the large family was already awaited by the staff of the modernised ASC, which increased the number of provided services from 45 to 130 in partnership with Programme. Mr. Lebedev visited the ASC with the whole family and received three services during one visit: registration of birth and place of residence of the newly born child, as well as a certificate of material assistance allocation for the family. If the ASC in Yerky had not been modernised, parents would have had to register Victoria’s birth in the Civil Status Registration Service, then her place of residence in the Migration Service. Afterwards, they would have had to visit the Social Service to apply for a certificate of material assistance allocation. Moreover, to receive each of these services the family would have to go to the rayon centre, which is situated in another city.