One day with mobile ASC: first experience and advice to hromadas

Mobile ASC is a specially equipped vehicle for providing high-quality administrative services to residents of remote communities in a one stop shop format directly in villages and small towns. Ukraine’s first Mobile ASC was launched in winter 2017 in Slavuta Hromada, Khmelnytskyi oblast with the support of U-LEAD with Europe Programme

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Slavuta Hromada’s mobile ASC operates as a mobile office of the stationary ASC and provides about 80 essential services across the district, and 240 services in the city of Slavuta.

The mobile ASC travel schedule is flexible and created based on citizens’ requests. Once a certain number of applications is collected, the Director of the ASC with the team starts planning the route and appoint specialists who will go to provide services.

People submit their applications in different ways, most often by phone and e-mail. There are times when people visit a stationary ASC and leave a message about registration of, for example, their parents for a mobile ASC visit. We are very flexible in this regard and accept information from residents almost in any form”, – says Liudmyla Lukavska, administrator who frequently provides services in the field.

Mobile ASC departures from the stationary office

Mobile ASC also serves people in the “traveling administrator” format, which is relevant for the elderly, people with disabilities, as well as those who are in the hospital or are unable to visit the ASC by themselves. For people with disabilities and strollers, the vehicle is equipped with a ramp.

Social services are especially popular in the mobile ASC, and the periods of subsidies registration are the hottest for ASC staff. The vehicle is convenient for registering newborns in the city, because you can immediately register a place of residence and apply for state aid.

“It is very convenient that you can order services directly to the maternity home. My wife is busy with baby now, so only I can arrange the necessary services. Thanks to this service from the state, my wife and I didn’t worry about this matter and, now, we have quickly everything settled, – Pavlo Medvediuk, a young father, shares his impressions after completing the documents.

Pavlo Medvediuk registers the place of residence of his newborn son

Slavuta residents little by little become accustomed to a new level of comfort from the state. According to the staff, during the first months, they often had to explain to residents that they are not required to pay extra for such convenience and that it is always possible to register for a mobile ASC visit for the very next week.

While the mobile ASC registered the new citizen at the maternity home, the administrators were constantly approached by the residents, who were interested in receiving information about services. People also asked about the future of subsidies, payment for utilities, and about the activities of local authorities.

Several people asked about the possibility of signing a contract with a doctor. As it turned out, during June-July 2018 mobile ASC also provided the opportunity for residents of remote communities of the district to choose family doctors: more than 2 500 residents of Slavuta district signed contracts in mobile ASC.

Pensioners of Slavuta Hromada are the most frequent visitors to the Mobile ASC

The registration of real estate and business are among popular services provided by the mobile ASC in the villages of Slavuta Hromada. Unfortunately, in order to receive social services, the residents of remote communities have to go to the district centre by themselves, as the district administration does not delegate staff on a regular basis to provide services in the field.

A resident of a remote community with her son received a certificate in the mobile ASC

Ruzana Malikhivna with her husband and two children live in the outskirts of the city. During the day the husband is at work and has no opportunity to settle the issue in the stationary ASC, so the mobile service was very useful. “Today, we started settling administrative issues associated with land registration in comfortable conditions. It is very convenient that I did not have to spend all day on a trip to the city with two children, – says Ruzana after completing the documents in the mobile ASC.

In the future, the Hromada plans to install passport-issuing equipment in the mobile office, since the vehicle is technically adapted for this purpose. With provision of passport services, the mobile ASC will contribute to the Hromada’s budget. It is important to ensure that the fee for paid services can be paid directly in the mobile ASC with the POS-terminal.

The maintenance of mobile ASC costs to the Hromada UAH 1600 per day. This amount includes the salary of specialists and the driver, as well as fuel. There are cases when a driver is one of the ASC administrators. It depends on the nature of the services and the staff’s work schedule.

Administrator of the Slavuta Hromada’s ASC behind the wheel of the “mobile office”

The staff of the Slavuta Administrative Service Centre advises the hromadas planning a mobile ASC project to be 100% sure that mobile ASC will be able to provide social services to the residents of remote villages. In practice, this means that amalgamation process within the hromada should be completed. No less important issue of successful functioning of a mobile ASC is the hromada’s ability to maintain it. It is possible to make field visits profitable for the local budget with installation of passport-issuing equipment in the vehicle, and this is a considerable investment (about UAH 400 000 – passport workstation and establishment of a secure communication channel), which needs to be planned in advance.

U-LEAD with Europe Programme helps hromadas launch a mobile ASC within the Roll-Out Phase, which involves the establishment and modernisation of up to 600 ASCs. According to the results of the first selection round, six other hromadas will receive a mobile ASC: Huliaipole Hromada (Zaporizhzhia Oblast), Dunaivtsi Hromada (Khmelnytskyi Oblast), Mohyliv-Podilskyi Hromada (Vinnytsia Oblast), Mezhova Hromada (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) Olevsk Hromada (Zhytomyr Oblast), Ustyluh Hromada (Volyn Oblast).

The third and fourth rounds are ahead, in which the hromadas and cities of Ukraine which have not yet participated in the Programme (that is, did not receive Terms of Reference for the establishment of ASC and did not participate in the Inception Phase) can take part.

The ASC “travelling administrator’s” box is especially useful when it is necessary to provide administrative services at home


For people with disabilities and visitors with strollers, the ASC is equipped with a ramp


ASC staff members in the mobile office


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