Accessible for people with disabilities administrative services in Tiachiv hromada

Liubov Zelenko and her daughter Svitlana are residents of a small town Tyachiv, a center of Tyachiv amalgamated hromada in Zakarpattia oblast. Mom and daughter are both people with disabilities, Svitlana moves only in a wheelchair. Liubov Zelenko says Tyachiv ASC is perhaps the only place in the whole infrastructure of the town which her daughter is able to enter

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“Every mother understands how it is to leave her child defenseless on the sidewalk when there is an urgent need to visit some building – it does not matter whether it is a store or government agency. When we first got into the premises of the ASC, we really felt like citizens of a country that cared about its people. I have never met such pleasant atmosphere in any other public institutions as in our ASC. The staff is very polite and friendly. I got the impression that they were selected at the best workers competition. We went to the ASC several times, and each time the reality exceeded expectations. I received a certificate of family composition in 5 minutes, I filed an application for financial assistance in one visit, and in a few days I received an SMS that the application was verified and the assistance would be credited. Everything is simple and very comfortable”, – Lyubov Zelenko enthusiastically shares impressions about the work of the ASC.

“It seems to me that the residents of Tyachiv have not fully realized how lucky they are with the new ASC. As for me and my daughter, we hope that soon there will be other buildings we can visit together in our town”, – she adds.

All facts and stories