Invitation for bids. Logistic Services

In compliance with the Delegation Agreement between the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the EU Delegation in Ukraine, Sida has the overall responsibility for implementation of the second component of the ”U-LEAD with Europe” Programme (C2) that aims at improving accessibility to national, regional and local administrative services through establishment of up to 600 Administrative Services Centres (ASCs) across Ukraine, as well as through development of IT solutions that will enhance exchange of data needed for delivery of the services concerned. The programme (C2) has been divided into an inception phase, implemented from October 2016 through April 2018 and a roll-out phase, launched in March 2018


The first round of participant’s selection was launched on March 1, 2018, within the Roll-Out Phase of U-LEAD with Europe’s Support to Improved Administrative Services Delivery. The Roll-Out Phase 2018-2020 focuses on creation and upgrading of up to 600 administrative services centers (ASCs), including the establishment of the information and communication infrastructure of the ASCs, to provide highquality and accessible services to the population.

The key objective of the Program is to support the creation of the ASCs in the amalgamated territorial communities (hromadas) and in the communities that are in the process of amalgamation. Territorial communities of villages, towns and cities with the number of residents from 5 to 50 thousand can apply for support from this Program as well. There is also an option of submitting of a joint application from several local self-government bodies. The Roll-Out Phase will be carried out in four rounds – each will include cooperation with up to 150 communities.

To support creation of the ASCs the Programme provides the following support:
– Institutional support of the ASCs: establishment of the ASCs institutional structure, staff training, raising awareness and inclusion of the citizens;
– Physical support: furniture, office equipment, software, development of the new design of the ASC;
– Special types of assistance that include setting up an electronic queue system and a mobile ASC.

As the result of first round 112 hromadas were selected by the Program.

NIRAS Sweden AB (NIRAS) operates according to the signed contract with Sida for the first round. In the framework of the first round NIRAS invites interested Bidders to submit a “Bid” for supplying of Logistic Services (hereinafter – Services) according to this documentation. Particularly, Niras is going to purchase the following services through this competitive bidding procedure:

Organisation of events (trainings, workshops), business trips and transportation services, including but not limited to:
– organization of logistics for trainings, workshops, and other events;
– catering for participants of the events;
– accommodation for participants and per diem arrangements;
– organization of transport, particularly, booking or purchase of tickets, arrangement of personal transport means such as cars, mini buses and buses all over Ukraine, and reimbursement of travel expenses to persons using their private vehicles for business travels, etc.

Interested bidders shall submit their preliminary confirmation of participation in the tender in free format by e-mail specifying company name, name and contact
details of a contact person, e-mail address for communication. The preliminary confirmation shall not be considered as an obligation to participate and may be withdrawn by the bidder any time before the specified deadline of bids submission. All the bidders who have confirmed the interest will be provided with all bidding documentations and other information via specified e-mail. In case of refusal to bid, please inform NIRAS about it via the above e-mail and state the reasons thereof for NIRAS to improve its effectiveness in future tendering procedures.

Key points of Bids:
Contract value. The contract maximum value is 193,000 EURO for the period till November 2019.
However, NIRAS does not guarantee any volumes of services, and the value stated in this section is only an estimation. The actual contract value y differ from this estimation.
Price. The offered price of the Goods and related Services shall be quoted in UAH, VAT excluded.
Language. The bids as well as all correspondence and documents related to this tendering procedure
shall be written in the English and/or Ukrainian language.
Validity of Bids. Bids must be valid for a period of 90 calendar days after the bid submission deadline.
Submission of Bids. It is an Electronic Bids submission procedure.
Bidders shall send the electronic bid through the SmartME system (see the registration instruction in ITB clause 18.1) and copy of electronic bid – to : not later than 18:00, 01 July 2019 (Kyiv time). The files of bid should be attached to the letter. Please, take in account that the total size of your letter and the bid shouldn’t exceed 18MB; otherwise your document could be automatically rejected. The subject line of the e-mail with your bid shall clearly indicate the following: UA-NIRAS-SERVICES-2019-10.06– [insert full name of the Bidder] – Electronic bid.

Bidding documentation